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          Ratchaburi means “the land of the King”.  The province is full of cultural heritage, beautiful places and historic sites.  It is located 80 km. west of Bangkok and borders Myanmar to the west with the Tanaosri range as a borderline.

          The word “Ratch” originates from the Sanskrit word “Raja” meaning King or Royal, and the word “buri” from Sanskrit “puri” meaning town or city.  Hence the name of the province literally means Royal City.

          The east part of the province contains the flat river plains of the Mae Klong river, criscrossed by many khlongs.  The most famous tourist spot in this area are the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak. 

          The west of the province is more mountainous and includes the Tanosri mountain range.  As the mountains are made mostly of limestone, there are several caves containing stalactites.  Some caves are inhabited by large colonies of bats and it is an impressive sight when they swarm out in the evening to feed.  Other caves like the Khao Bin are accessible for visitors.  The main river of the west part is the Pachi River. 


          The province is subdivided into 10 districts (amphoe).  The districts are further subdivided into 104 subdistricts (tambon) and 935 villages (muban). 

1. Mueng Ratchaburi
2. Chom Bueng
3. Suan Pueng
4. Damnoen Saduak
5. Ban Pong
6. Bang Pae
7. Potharam
8. Pak Tho
9. Wat Phleng
10. Ban Kha

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