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Local Products

Dragon Jar and Ceramic Ware (โอ่งมังกรและเครื่องเคลือบดินเผา) are produced from good quality clay in Ratchaburi. Besides the famous dragon jars, many ceramics for interior decoration are produced.

Pha Sin Tin Chok (ผ้าซิ่นตีนจก) is the elaborate clothing handicraft of Thai-Yuan

Pha Khao Ma or Loincloth (ผ้าขาวม้า) : it is famous for its beautiful colour and the popular pattern among the Thai-Yuan.

Karen Shoulder Bag (ย่ามกะเหรี่ยง) is a handmade product which Thai-Tanaosri people weave by.

Brassware (เครื่องทองเหลือง) such as accessories, ornaments, and cow bells.

Khaen Lai and Khlui (แคนลายและขลุ่ย) are handmade musical instruments of local people. They have made them for a long time, and there are many beautiful patterns and styles.

Plastic rattan product (ผลิตภัณฑ์หวายพลาสติก) is produced from plastic instead of natural material, which is durable and beautiful.

Topiary and Bonsai (ตะโกดัดและไม้แคระ) can be found in roadside plant shops on the route Khao Ngu-Boek Phrai, at Mu 7, Tambon Khao Raeng, Amphoe Mueang Ratchaburi. There are a lot of plants for sale and delivery around the country

Dairy Products (ผลิตภัณฑ์นมสด) Ratchaburi has been famous for producing fresh milk for a long time

Fruits and Vegetables (ผลไม้และผัก) such as sweet-salty preserved radish.

Rolled Banana (กล้วยม้วน) is second to none in tasty flavour


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