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Wat Muang Folk Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์พื้นบ้านวัดม่วง) This museum is the library where we can search for the history, ways of life and culture of the Mon local community from the past until now.

Wat Phra Si An (วัดพระศรีอารย์) The principal Buddha image within the ordination hall is in the posture of subduing Mara. This Burmese-style white jade image was taken from Myanmar. Another image is Phra Si An or Ariya Mettaya which is an ancient Buddha image with prominent features.

Khai Luang Ban Rai (ค่ายหลวงบ้านไร่) In the past, it was the Wild Tiger Scout camp where King Rama VI came for 9 times. Nowadays, this camp is a recreational place with the permanent exhibition hall of M.L. Pin Malakun Na Ayutthaya.

Bat Cave at Khao Chong Phran (ค้างคาวเขาช่องพราน) The most famous thing to see at Khao Chong Phran is a giant flock of more than a million bats flying out together of the cave and forming a large black and long line across the sky.

Tham Sarika (ถ้ำสาริกา) is in Tambon Thammasen. His Majesty King Bhumibol gave the name to this place when he visited and inscribed his royal initials at the entrance of the cave.

Tham Ruesi Khao Ngu (ถ้ำฤาษีเขางู) In the cave, there is a Buddha image sculptured on the wall with a gesture of sitting in the European style and giving a sermon. There are many interesting tourist attractions as follows: Lord Buddha’s Footprint made of laterite, reliefs of a massive reclining Buddha image, and reliefs of the Lord Buddha’s two followers.

Central Literature Botanical Garden, Khao Prathap Chang (สวนพฤกษศาสตร์วรรณคดีภาคกลาง เขาประทับช้าง) It is a shady forest garden collecting various species of plants stated in Thai literature which are rarely found.

Khao Prathap Chang Wildlife Sanctuary (เขตห้ามล่าสัตว์ป่าเขาประทับช้าง) It is in the responsibility of the Royal Forest Department. The natural forest is on Khao Prathap Chang and the reservoir at the cliff is one great point of sight-seeing and bird-watching in October–November.

Khao Prathap Chang Open Safari and Wildlife Breeding Research Station (สวนสัตว์เปิดสถานีวิจัยการเพาะเลี้ยงสัตว์ป่าเขาประทับช้าง) It is the only station under the responsibility of the Royal Forest Department which has a laboratory to foster and reproduce tigers and other animals such as goat-antelope, guinea fowl, deer, etc. most of which are donated or seized and brought to be protected and reproduced.

Tham Chomphon (ถ้ำจอมพล) In 1895, King Rama V and Queen Saovabha Phongsri visited the cave and were impressed with the so-called ‘Pha Wichit’ stalactites which looked like the fringe of a shoulder strap of a Field Marshal. Therefore, they gave the cave a new name “Tham Chomphon” or Field Marshal Cave.

Phawothai Local Museum or Folk Wisdom Garden (พิพิธภัณฑ์ภโวทัย หรือ สวนภูมิปัญญาชาวบ้าน) The museum is a modern traditional Thai house which gathers artifacts, carriages and various kinds of Thai flowering plants.


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